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Daydreamour is an extremely short (~10 mins) platformer about a developer daydreaming about running. Jump and climb your way through a perilous factory! 


This game was made for a Locally Sourced game jam bundle in ~5 days using Unity. You can get this game, along with 13 other micro games and tabletop games made by the amazing Locally Sourced group, for a small price of $13 by purchasing the bundle in this link: (Locally Sourced Spring Bundle).

The game will get more content afterwards. For now, consider buying the bundle with the game included.

--- END ---


Struggling with a creative block, the developer needed something to jump-start their drive again. With a sigh, they opened a new tab in their browser and began scrolling through videos - something they usually do when they can't make any progress. 

While watching a video, they noticed a peculiar parkour video being recommended. Curious, they pulled up the video. It was someone running through a factory, jumping off walls and avoiding dangerous, forgotten machinery with jumps of precision and timing. They were astounded by the prowess of the runner in the video. 

Going down a rabbit hole of parkour videos, the developer could feel the creativity rushing in. Ideas of parkour filled their head and, like that, they got trapped in a state of daydreaming.

  • Fixed window resolution of 960x540 (upscaled from 320x180)
  • Controller support
  • 10+ rooms to run and jump through
  • Nice 1-bit pixel art
  • 0.1 (game jam build)
  • Arrow Keys Left + Right / Left Stick / D-Pad Left + Right - Move
  • X / A (Xbox controller) / Cross (Dualshock) - Jump
  • Esc / Options or Start (Dualshock) / Settings or Start (Xbox controller) - Pause Game
  • Hold Arrow Key Down / Left Stick Down / D-Pad Down and Press X / A (Xbox controller) / Cross (Dualshock) - Drop Through One Way
  • Press Direction Opposite of Wall and Jump Swiftly for far wall jump
Known Bugs:
  • Camera shake doesn't happen on every death
  • Camera has very slight weird movement on far edges of horizontal-scrolling rooms. 
  • Art & Programming, Design, Sounds by Jay 'Ihzzay' Wilson (Moon Metro Digital)
  • Music is AI generated by Ecrett Music
  • Studio Twitter: @moonmetrodigi
Updated 2 days ago
Published 10 days ago
StatusIn development
AuthorMoon Metro Digital
Tags1-bit, 2D, Retro, Short, Singleplayer


Get this game and 13 more for $13.00 USD
View bundle
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The platform mechanics are just on point. Not too technical, not too simple. Good Game!


Super simple platformer with some cute and appealing art. Would be nice if the pace was a little faster but overall very well done; especially for a jam game.

Thanks! I agree with the pacing. I definitely wanted to pace things better but not enough time! Will definitely improve the game in a update. 


Really nice animations! Pretty smooth controls overall too. I think the wall sliding could use maybe a couple frames of "stick" after you press the opposite direction just to make jumping off walls feel a little smoother, but not many complaints beyond that. Really well done!

Thanks for playing! Funny thing is that the stick time was a bit longer initially but ending up decreasing it a bit for the final product! Will definitely implement a longer stick in an update! 


Really polished, love the little dust particles and stuff. At times challenging, at times easy. Always love this type of platformer.

Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it!